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How to Play the "Shell Game" in Nosework

Recently I had a friend over to do some nosework. She has two dogs. I have two dogs. Three out of four dogs failed the container search because they alerted on a distraction instead of the target odor. What was so irresistible? Pancakes!

How to do the Running Bunny in Nosework

Running Bunny in nosework

In the sport of nosework (or scent detection) dogs search for a target odor that has been secretly placed in each of the four ‘elements’.  Dogs must learn to search containers (like boxes or suitcases), interior spaces, exterior spaces and vehicles.  In a nosework trial dogs can be asked to search any kind of vehicle. My dog Mabel has had to search horse trailers, SUVs, and tractors, besides just regular old sedans, and there can be 3-5 vehicles, with anywhere from one to three ‘hides’ placed for the dog to find.

My young dog Billie is just learning how to do a vehicle search. My older dog Mabel needs some confidence boosting, and to rediscover her love of vehicle searching. So with both dogs, I’ve been working a fun exercise called “Running Bunny”. 

What exactly is a “Running Bunny”?

Nosework FAQs

Nose work, scent work, scent detection, sport detection…..

…..It doesn’t matter what you call it – it’s a sport for pet dogs, based on real life bomb, drug or contraband detection.

Every Dog Needs A Job

Dogs are not just soulful eyes, stomachs and fur....they've got brains too! Every dog needs a job and dog sports are a great way to employ your dog and his/her mind.